14th March Clown Workshop
“Comic Tactics for Terrific Liars”
—5 hours—




Boost your creativity with blatant dishonesty

Clown Workshop with Caroline Dream

Dates: 14th March 2021

Duration: 6hs (with a 1 hr break in the middle)

Class schedule: 16:00 to 22:00hs (Spanish time)
Look for the time in your country at https://www.zeitverschiebung.net/en (putting Barcelona as one of the locations). Please make sure there is no time change in your country the night before the workshop.

Level: Intermediate
(you must already have a basic knowledge of clown and have participated in at least one clown workshop)

Language: English

Number of participants: maximum 14

Within a maximum of 48 hours after you have made the payment, we will send you an email with the access information for the workshopPlease put as a safe address on your email program these email: onlineclownworkshop@gmail.com, so the emails with the link to access the Clown Workshop and our communications about the workshop don’t go to your spam folder.

  • a red nose
  • a laptop with a camera (or failing that a tablet with a camera)
  • internet connection
  • a free Zoom.us account
  • a space free of furniture in which to play & improvise, ideally 2 x 2 meters
  • A shoe box or similar
  • An object that fits into the box

You may imagine that you are never dishonest or untruthful (unlike others of course). But maintaining this self-deception on stage will only hamper your ability to be funny. Because obvious, playful and creative liars make audiences laugh, whatever their age… and we are in fact, all well practiced in the art of lying!

Clowns have to tell tall tales more often than most because they don’t take into account the consequences of their words, actions or behaviour. Without apparent difficulty, they find themselves in all kinds of awkward situations, where their only way out is to resort to pretense or fabrication. Of course, the clown’s futile attempts to hide their tracks are extremely comical, largely due to their incredible inventiveness.

In this Clown Workshop, we will pay tribute to our enormous capacity to tell fabulous fibs and to the long-standing clown tradition of using blatant dishonesty to provoke the audience’s laughter. We’ll go over the skills that the conspicuous comic liar must master: the body language, emotional contortion, rhythms, pauses and timing. And we’ll explore how to use them to maximize the comedy. We’ll also cover the five seasoned tactics that clowns use to avoid being punished when the inevitable happens… when someone confronts them with their lies and demands the truth.


B.A Theatre graduate of Exeter University, she then trained at Fooltime Circus School (Bristol, UK) and refined her education with the best teachers on the performing arts scene. She has performed in festivals and theatres throughout Europe.

She has been teaching clown for 22 years throughout Spain, and internationally in Las Vegas (U.S.A., for Cirque du Soleil artists), New York, Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. She also teaches Corporate Clown Trainings.

Her first clown book was published in Spanish and Portuguese, and then in English under the title, The Clown In You (2014). It has sold over 5000 copies worldwide. Clown Yourself, her second clowning manual was released in November 2020 and is now available in Amazon.

+ info at https://about.carolinedream.com


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